SENSAP’s professional, business analysts claim in-depth experience in modeling of business processes that apply in a large variety of industrial sectors.
SENSAP’s people strive for results for our customers benefit. The company’s highly-motivated engineering team has proven expertise in designing and developing of sophisticated, J2EE, enterprise software applications that conform to the SOA paradigm, as well as world-class know-how in deploying of complex AutoID (RFID, Barcode) and SENSOR systems.
Our mission is to improve processes performance and operations agility by delivering, intuitive automation, events visualization, and ability to prompt for immediate actions. Business process owners may therefore perform in a more natural way, viewing operations management through the perspective of loosely structured workflows obeying to flexible rules and constrains that are capable of adapting to dynamically changing business requirements.
SENSAP’s BAM systems leverage autoID and physical sensor data to provide in-depth visibility into actual, business-process execution performance.
Our vision is to deliver innovative, sophisticated, efficient, and intuitive software tools and professional services helping small to medium sized enterprises, render every-day operational burden to productive team work.

About Us

SENSAP™ specializes in the design, development, and deployment of autoID-centric (Barcode & RFID) Quality Inspection and Materials-Flow Traceability systems targeting small-to-medium sized Food & Beverage, Pharmaceuticals & Cosmetics, as well as Print & Carton-Converting enterprises.

Instituted in 2002, in Athens, Greece, company SENSAP Microsystems AE specializes in the development and distribution of equipment, software, and consumables for the Printing and Carton-Converting industry.
Founded on the company’s broad visibility in the logistics and manufacturing sectors, SENSAP Swiss AG, our autoID technologies branch, headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, is involved in the development of our autoID-centric, J2EE Enterprise Software and Industrial Automation Hardware systems.


SENSAP Swiss AG was founded on April 1st, 2011 in Zurich Switzerland as the industrial development arm of the AutoID department of company SENSAP SA, based in Athens (Greece). Founded on SENSAP’s broad visibility in the logistics and manufacturing sectors, rich intellectual property, and world-class expertise, SENSAP Swiss, develops and markets SBOX Traceability software suite and INTERGA series of hardware modules that target manufacturing companies and logistics enterprises in the Food & Beverage, Pharmaceuticals & Cosmetics, Carton-Conversion, and Apparel business sectors.

The company’s solutions adopt best-of-breed Internet of Things (IoT) architectures, which enable the integration and orchestration of multiple heterogeneous and distributed sensors in a scalable way. SENSAP has experience in the integration of solutions based on standard-based IoT architectures, such as the architectures introduced by EPC Global and Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC), and based on de-facto open source architectures (notably based on the Global Sensor Networks-GSN and AspireRFID open source projects). SENSAP Swiss AG is an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) and Systems Integrator, providing turn-key solutions that address IoT solutions including Machine Vision Systems, AutoID-centric (RFID, Barcode) and Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) based on multi-sensor systems. SENSAP offer Materials Handling Automation, comprising Hardware, Middleware, and Applications Software, for Human-Driven Operations, with reference to: 

  • Manufacturing and Warehouse Operations Execution.
  • Asset Management and Preventive Maintenance.
  • Materials-Flow Traceability throughout the entire Product Supply-Chain and Lifecycle.

In addition, SENSAP develop custom vision quality inspection solutions in demanding industrial environments which lead to a complete range of machine vision quality, in-line inspection products, for the Carton-Conversion, Pharmaceuticals-and-Cosmetics and Food-and-Beverage industries.


SENSAP has profound experience in the development of Cyber Physical Systems (CPS) manufacturing solutions and components that allow for data acquisition from the shop-floor, with emphasis on paper and packaging manufacturing business. The company has also implemented projects that involve the whole CPS solution development lifecycle, from solution inception to deployment in the factory. These successful combined industrial projects regarding acquisition data from the production floor and the gain experience through European funded projects led to the Daedalus IoT device, part of the Integra products line.


SENSAP™ INTEGRA series of industrial automation modules make up the heart of SENSAP’s intelligent sensors and actuators network paradigm. Combining industrial Human-Machine Interfacing (HMI) techniques conforming to the Poka Yoke paradigm, such as signaling lights and voice actuators, with modern machine-vision and sensing technologies, such as vision sensors, RFID/BAROCDE scanners, optical encoders, laser interferometers, ultrasonic-, and weight-transducers, SENSAP™ INTEGRA modules form isles of multimodal automation in warehouses and manufacturing sites that ensure product quality and enable efficient execution, real-time monitoring, and accurate documentation of:
Receiving & Putting-Away,
Storing & Inventory,
Manufacturing & Packing
Picking & Sorting, and
Consolidating & Shipping operations.
By means of SENSAP™ SBOX MIS server software, INTEGRA automation modules integrate with the most popular EIS systems (i.e. ERP, WMS, MRP) providing automatic and reliable synchronization of warehouse and shop-floor resources (i.e. labor, equipment, tools, and materials) with standing managerial data, while enabling real-time, remote visibility of operations performance through WEB-based dashboards.
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The IQ-OPTION is an inline vision sensor for the ITK module that detects mixing-copies, as well as printing and die-cutting defects on folding and corrugated cartons. Compared with conventional Pharmacode and Colorcode sensors, the IQ-OPTION is the world’s best-of-breed device.

The sensor performs the quality inspection either on carton-level (in Folding/Gluing machines) or on sheet-level (in Offset-, Rotogravure-, Flexographic-Printing machines). It employs advanced, patented machine-vision algorithms that use miniature, colored DATAMATRIX symbols to check for:

  • Product and LOT Mixing (Mixing-Copy verification)
  • Print-to-Cut Registration Displacement and/or Rotation
  • Missing Colors
  • Color Misregistration
  • Color Fidelity Failure (i.e. Intensity, Saturation, Dot-Gain, and Tone-Value)

Unlike conventional devices, the IQ-OPTION sensors dynamically compensate for carton-white during color-intensity measurements and calculate separate intensity histograms for each individual color. They are the only devices to measure the registration of individual colors on a carton/item-level, so as to detect artwork fidelity failures on cartons that reside at the edges of large boards (i.e. 1000×1400 sqmm).

Moreover, thanks to SENSAP’s advanced machine-vibration compensation technology, the sensors are capable of measuring the Print-to-Cut registration, on a carton/item level, with unparalleled accuracy (i.e. >50 microns) at the highest machine-speed.

The sensors store actual images and individual defect descriptions of non-conforming items for each separate production run (LOT).

The IQ-OPTION sensors retrofit to almost any piece of printing and folding/gluing equipment and facilitate easy operation and automatic setup thanks to SENSAP’s advanced autoTEACH and autoSET technologies.


Product Highlights

► Item-Level and/or Sheet-Level Carton-Quality Inspection

► Automatic Compensation for Carton-White for precise Color-Intensity and -Registration measurement

► Separate Intensity Histograms derived for all Colors of each individual item (carton/sheet)

► Extreme Dimensional Measurement Precision thanks to SENSAP’s machine-vibration compensation technology

► Actual Images and Defect-Descriptions stored for each non-conforming item (carton/sheet)

► Miniature printed symbols used for quality check of miniature cartons

► Unparalleled performance: quality inspection at machine speed up to 600m/min or 50pcs/sec

► Easy mounting onto almost any piece of printing, die-cutting, folding, and gluing equipment

► Easy Operation & Automatic Setup thanks to SENSAP’s advanced autoTEACH™ and autoSET™ technologies



It detects manufacturing defects, in the Printing, Die-Cutting, and Folding/Gluing processes, ensuring that every single carton meets the highest quality standards. The sensor checks for:

  • Missing Colors,
  • Print-to-Cut Registration Displacement and/or Rotation,
  • Product and LOT Mixing

Performance & Quality

SENSAP™ INTEGRA series of industrial automation modules come with a series of optional sensors and actuators that interconnect directly onto Printing, Die-Cutting, Gluing, Folding, Binding, and Collating machines, in Printing and Carton-Converting industries, as well as onto Packaging equipment of Pharmaceuticals & Cosmetics and Food & Beverage producing enterprises, providing quality and performance inspection of the respective production processes.

► Performance & Consumption Sensors
The INTEGRA industrial automation modules come with a pair of optical diffusion sensors, or rotary encoders that enable accurate counting of moving items at the rate of up to 50 pcs/sec rate and measuring their linear velocity up to 30 m/sec.
► Print Quality Sensor
The INTEGRA Print-Quality sensor interconnects to gluing, folding machines and inspects simultaneously the following parameters at rates up to 600 m/min or 1800 pcs/min:
Missing Color and Color Registration at +/- 0.2mm accuracy.
Color Fidelity at +/-10% accuracy.
Print-to-Cut Registration at +/- 1.0mm accuracy.
1/2D Barcodes.
The INTEGRA Print-Quality sensor incorporates SENSAP’s powerful autoTeach technology that enables automatic sensor commissioning and setup at a single button press.

► Item Identification Sensor
The INTEGRA Item-Identification sensor interconnects to gluing, folding, binding, and collating machines, as well as onto conveyor belts and identifies simultaneously up to four (4) codes in 1D-, 2D-BARCODE, PHARMACODE, or OCR format, at rates up to 600 m/min or 1800 pcs/min.
The INTEGRA Item-Identification sensor is provided in two variations for: a) gluing, binding, collating machines, and b) for folding machines. The sensor incorporates SENSAP’s powerful autoTeach technology that enables automatic sensor commissioning and setup at a single button press.

► Glue Profile Sensor
The INTEGRA Glue-Profile sensor interconnects to gluing machines and records cold glue profile in up to six (6) points, at +/- 1.0 mm accuracy and up to 300 m/min speed.
The INTEGRA Glue-Profile sensor incorporates SENSAP’s powerful autoTeach technology that enables automatic sensor commissioning and setup at a single button press.

► Patch-Window Sensor
The INTEGRA Patch-Window sensor interconnects to gluing machines and detects missing or damaged patch-windows at up to 300 m/min speed.
The INTEGRA Patch-Window sensor incorporates SENSAP’s powerful autoTeach technology that enables automatic sensor commissioning and setup at a single button press.

► Jam Detection Sensor
The INTEGRA Jam-Detection sensor interconnects to printing machines for detecting double-sheet and jam of material with density ranging from30 gr/m2 to 1200 gr/m2.

► Package Quality Sensor
The INTEGRA Package-Quality sensor interconnects to the INTEGRA GATE module to inspect the quality of transferred goods, namely: a) missing or broken caps or seals, b) missing or defected product labels, c) damaged or spoiled carton boxes.

► Fluid Level Sensor
The INTEGRA Fluid-Level sensor interconnects to the INTEGRA GATE module to verify the liquid level in moving bottles.

► Spoilage Marking & Rejection Actuators
SENSAP™ INTEGRA ITK and INTEGRA GATE support a series of spoilage marking and rejection devices, such as:
Linear Ejector (i.e. the kicker of gluing/folding machines),
High performance Rotary Ejector, and
Ink-Jet Marking Nozzle.
In case of defect identification the ITK issues an alarm (i.e. optical and sound signal), activates its spoilage ejector, or spoilage marker, and stops – optionally – the machine feeder. Such alarms can be further transmitted to existing shop-floor industrial automation systems through PROFINET, AS, and TCP/IP interfaces.

SENSAP™ INTEGRA devices leverage world-class UHF RFID and BARCODE technologies combined with Vision Sensors and Optical Encoders to integrate seamlessly into the working environment of machine-operators.
SENSAP™ INTEGRA devices interconnect to existing shop-floor industrial automation systems through PROFINET, AS, and TCP/IP interfaces. Equipped with SENSAP’s powerful autoTeach feature, INTEGRA automation modules comprise precise, reliable, and easy-to-use industrial control automation that requires minimum commissioning and setup time.
SENSAP’s innovative products allow for quick and easy installation onto almost any piece of equipment, while requiring short training and roll-out times.


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  • +41 442 021 190
  • info@sensap.ch