PROPHESY (GA-766994) Platform for rapid deployment of self-configuring and optimized predictive maintenance services. The main goal of the project is to provide, validate and develop a viable route to market for a novel PdM platform. SENSAP main responsibilities in the project is on PROPHESY-CPS Platform Implementation and Integration.


FAR-EDGE (GA-723094)  is a joint effort of global leaders in manufacturing, industrial automation and future internet technologies towards facilitating the graceful and wider adoption of virtualized factory automation solutions by manufacturers in Europe and beyond. SENSAP’s role in FAR-EDGE was focused on the design and development of the edge computing architecture of the project, with emphasis on automation software virtualization


IQONIC (GA-820677) : is an on-going project started on October 2018. It is a joint venture from major optoelectronics manufacturers, technological providers and universities. The IQONIC project will leverage the optoelectronics manufacturing production process by developing and incorporating new technologies and processes leading to an increase in yields introducing eight overall strategies.

SENSAP Swiss AG, as technology provider, will be working on the multisensorial data acquisition network for manufacturing opto-electrical parts and on the integration of software – hardware platforms and tools to support the interoperability of the IQONIC systems.


LEVEL-UP (GA- 869991) is an on-going project started on October 2019. It is a well-balanced consortium of research organisations, industrial, high-tech SMEs and non-profit organisations forming a supply chain of great synergy due to the complementary expertise. The LEVEL-UP project will develop a holistic operational and refurbishment framework applicable both to new and existing manufacturing equipment to achieve dynamic utilisation and maintenance with upgraded remedial actions for sustainability. The role of Sensap was focused on the LEVELUP architecture design and as a technological provider to the CPSization Gateways, Edge computing and Inspection/Metrology infrastructure.


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